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The following article has just been published:
Pearson, H. C. and Davis, R. W.  2005.  Behavior of territorial male sea
otters (Enhydra lutris) in Prince William Sound, Alaska.  Aquatic Mammals

Photo-identification and focal animal sampling were used to examine the
daytime behavior of territorial male sea otters (Enhydra lutris) in Simpson
Bay, Prince William Sound, Alaska during the summer (June to August) of 2003.
 The average number of otters (all age classes of males and females) in the
study area was 121 ± 12.1 SD (n = 5 surveys).  The bout duration of six
behaviors (resting, grooming, foraging, interacting with other otters,
swimming at the surface, patrolling), time budgets, and interactions with
females were determined for territorial males.  Ten males were observed during
183 focal follows (i.e., observation periods) representing 92 h of
observation.  More time was spent foraging (30%) than any other activity, and
foraging bouts were longer than all other activities.  Males interacted with
females with pups (59%) and single females (41%).  Two out of three
consortships (i.e., mating associations lasting ca. three days) were formed
with single females.  Sixty-seven percent of interactions between territorial
males were aggressive and were longer than one min.  

Reprints available upon request to: heidipearson at tamu.edu

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