[Marmam] Leopard Seal behaviour

Marine Themes info at marinethemes.com
Sun Aug 28 21:18:34 PDT 2005

Hi all,

I would like to ask a question of anyone with a working knowledge of 
Leopard Seals (Hydrurga leptonyx).

I recently photographed a mature adult on the south east coast of New 
South Wales in Australia. On more than one occasion it seemed to be 
eating sand. Is this a "normal" behaviour for this species? I assumed 
that it was doing this as an aid to digestion or as a dog would eat 
grass, though I guess that in the Antarctic there is not a lot of sand 
about. It seemed to be otherwise fit and healthy. Any suggestions would 
be appreciated. I can forward photos if necessary. I am about to post 
the images on our web site and would like to include an accurate caption 
regarding the behaviour. Reply to info at marinethemes.com
With thanks,
Kelvin Aitken.

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