[Marmam] humpback whale rresearch - South Africa

Debbie, Vic & Jessie cdswhale at worldonline.co.za
Wed Aug 24 13:37:01 PDT 2005

The Centre for Dolphin Studies in South Africa has two new PhD level research projects on humpback whales starting as soon as possible.

It's a dual project. Two researchers, examining humpback whale identification, migration dynamics and population dynamics.


You'll need some funding of your own, to live on - around $300, £175 per month. The CDS and other funders will provide the rest.

Please contact Vic Cockcroft
cdswhale at worldonline.co.za
mobile/cell phone + 27 83 655 6902
phone after 6pm South African time: 27 + 44 + 5327954
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