[Marmam] First posting to the "new" MARMAM mailing-list

Melvin Klassen klassen at uvic.ca
Thu Aug 25 11:10:40 PDT 2005

Announcing the "new" home for the "Marine Mammals" ('MARMAM') mailing-list.

The web page for users of this mailing list is:


There is also an E-mail interface for users of this mailing-list.
You can get info about using it, 
by sending a message with just the word 'help' as subject or in the body, to:

    marmam-request at lists.uvic.ca

To post to the mailing-list, send E-mail to: marmam at lists.uvic.ca
(If you have an entry in your E-mail address-book for 'marmam at uvvm.uvic.ca',
you need to update that entry.)

  ... UVic Postmaster <Postmaster at uvic.ca>

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