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Thanks, Ken

My feelings are to keep this group going for the time being as a resource for serious LD students -the ILDS  facebook group might have a similar purpose but tends to shorter comments.

I'll raise the issue of an ILDS blog when the EB next meets.


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Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers who made it happen, most of all to Isabelle. My question is: does anyone want to keep the discussion going, and is this the proper venue to do that? I’m sure most of the participants around the world are probably exhausted or sleeping right now. My cat and I tuned-in during the 5 a.m. hour several times in Pacific Daylight Time. I heard papers that excited the senses by scholars new to me – and ‘met’ people on Zoom I had heard about and read for years – plus old friends and acquaintances in the ILDS – a group I am proud to belong to. Even though I’m not a scholar (and a notorious terrible speller) I AM an avid Durrell (and Nin and Miller) reader for decades as most of you are. We all have our opinions – like: The Revolt is an amazing mashup! Gothic? Yes! Pseudo-sci-fi? Check! (How could the ‘dummy’ be made of gutta-percha unless it was somehow powered by the Abel proto-AI?) But also the swinging ‘60s! Yet somehow it almost never mentions World War II unlike almost everything else the man wrote?

I’ll admit I was skeptical about heterotopias – until Ian MacNiven cited Karm Abu Girg as one! Ah…the lightbulb goes off. A total break from Alex. All the Agon about the high moderns: Joyce and Eliot and Pound? Big fan! But do we have to worry about categorizations like that? Did Durrell miss the cut and land in Postmodernism? I believe the Quintet is also a mashup, and unless postmodernism can accommodate “other time-fields or other contingent realities” then we might need to broaden the definition into sci-fi / fantasy territory.  No one calls the Quartet postmodern do they? What would that even mean? Cheers to all the presenters and moderators! What a great group. I have fallen in love with the ILDS again but I never left. Certain key individuals were not visible and I hope you are all OK!

Best wishes – Ken
Proud Member, ILDS
(My Italy website www.travelogorrhea.com<http://www.travelogorrhea.com> mentions Durrell and Douglas on the postscript page.)
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