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Are you aware, Kennedy, that Faber are putting into reprint all their back catalogue of LD books(except the plays and poetry) in the course of last  year and this? All have new covers, although opinion seems to be divided on whether the new covers are better than the Berthold Wolpe originals.

All four Alex Q novels have been republished with Fabers commissioning new introductions from four distinguished novelists such as Andre Aciman and William Boyd. Details on the ILDS website.

A British academic, based in Rome, has written an enlightening essay for the next Herald on Anne Ridler’s editorial excisions from Larry’s original Venus script.


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I have only read the excised chapter. None of the other edits. While that chapter is interesting, I think Ms. Ridler was right to remove it. To me, it just does not quite fit. I would not want to see with Marine Venus what happened with Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast. In that instance a “restored” edition was brought out a few years ago by Scribner. It is awful, showing only what a mess the original was before it was so skillfully edited into the 1964 edition we know today.

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OK this is actually just a trial balloon to the membership of the ILDS, of which I am currently in good standing. Larry’s anecdotal literary ‘stock’ has been gradually declining in value since its peak – despite some recent boosts like the Durrells of Corfu on TV. Not sure if that sold any books…

Though that is a metric – right? Faber continues to be his publisher…

Let me cut to the chase – I think the ILDS should hire a lobbyist to reach out to Faber on Larry’s behalf. Right? We haven’t been doing that…

My thought is – let’s lobby them to publish a director’s cut of REFLECTIONS ON A MARINE VENUS. Restoring the hated and reviled Ridler edits.  I know she was a lovely woman and gifted poet but…This could be a major publishing event! I would love to read the unexpurgated version and you would too. Many new potential readers, if it is aggressively-published and publicized!

Not sure what our budget is to hire the lobbyist. Paul will know – maybe several hundred Euros for a single influential luncheon with the appropriate person.  The lobbyist should be universally known and popular at Faber. Maybe an IT professional or other problem-solver… It’s time for Faber to wake up and step-up! To pump some needed adrenalin into one of their greatest legacy back catalogs: LGD!

Anyway – my tuppence….

Best wishes and all respect to our fellow Durrellians -
Kennedy Gammage
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