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Wed Jun 30 17:10:57 PDT 2021

OK this is actually just a trial balloon to the membership of the ILDS, of
which I am currently in good standing. Larry’s anecdotal literary ‘stock’
has been gradually declining in value since its peak – despite some recent
boosts like the Durrells of Corfu on TV. Not sure if that sold any books…

Though that is a metric – right? Faber continues to be his publisher…

Let me cut to the chase – I think the ILDS should hire a lobbyist to reach
out to Faber on Larry’s behalf. Right? We haven’t been doing that…

My thought is – let’s lobby them to publish a director’s cut of REFLECTIONS
ON A MARINE VENUS. Restoring the hated and reviled Ridler edits.  I know
she was a lovely woman and gifted poet but…This could be a major publishing
event! I would love to read the unexpurgated version and you would too.
Many new potential readers, if it is aggressively-published and publicized!

Not sure what our budget is to hire the lobbyist. Paul will know – maybe
several hundred Euros for a single influential luncheon with the
appropriate person.  The lobbyist should be universally known and popular
at Faber. Maybe an IT professional or other problem-solver… It’s time for
Faber to wake up and step-up! To pump some needed adrenalin into one of
their greatest legacy back catalogs: LGD!

Anyway – my tuppence….

Best wishes and all respect to our fellow Durrellians -
Kennedy Gammage
Proud ILDS Member
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