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I agree wholeheartedly, Ken - great issue. Exceptional value at £10 US

Also a shout-out, please, for the ILDS Herald newsletter which has kept to its promise since Steve Moore and I tool over as editors to be a quarterly publication for the ILDS with news, reviews, essays both academic and personal. And all for free via www.lawrencedurrell.org<http://www.lawrencedurrell.org>.



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The cover dates, in this case NS16 2018-2019, typically lag a bit since we received this in January, 2021. Always worth waiting for!

What is DEUS LOCI? The long-time bible for Durrell fans. Yes there are active social media sites which keep us informed and entertained…but DL is authoritative and always a celebration for Durellians around the planet when it lands in our postbox.

16 is dedicated to the memory of Michael Haag and provides a moving tribute to him, previously enjoyed in the Herald: Ian MacNiven’s thoughts, Peter Baldwin’s eulogy, and Charles & Isaac’s memories of their long friendship. (I’m assuming you also paid a visit to Konk Studios, just northeast of the Heath on Tottenham Lane.)

Loved Haag’s revelation about Karm Abu Girg as Durrell’s shout-out to George Manasce!

MacNiven’s CLIMAX IN CRETE about Theodore’s wartime experiences was fascinating and harrowing. They don’t call them ‘the Greatest Generation’ for nothing.

Christine Costanza’s THE FOUNDLING HEART was fascinating - reached out to some people offline about it.

Same with Barbaglia & Casiraghi’s (Un) COMMON USAGE about Scobie, Fiona’s TIBETAN EXILE, and Diamakis’ “ORIENTATIONS IN SUNLIGHT” – though may I express my preference for style that hews closer to, say, the NY Review of Books, minimizing jargon. That being said – read and enjoyed!

No comment on the POETRY at this time. I am proud my poem was published in NS11 with H.R. Stoneback while we were at OMG in New Orleans. Respect!

Peter Harrison’s notes about the Strawberry Pink Villa and the Durrells-as-Huguenots were most welcome – as were the REVIEWS! Congratulations to Peter Baldwin, David Radavich, Richard Pine, the aforementioned MacNiven, David Roessel, Charles, Rony, James Clawson and Veronica Schuder for writing-and-reviewing.

Major props to Grove Koger for his long-term Bibliography contribution. Always heartening seeing Durrell being translated around the world, and now hearing him on translated audiobooks! Podcasts and other future technologies are sure to follow…in the Next. Installment of.


Best wishes and Happy New Year
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