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Very interesting!

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> "Some critics have analyzed Qurrell's ideas from a scientific point of
> view. Yet their efforts seem futile since Durrell himself ,admits to using
> ideas from the sciences haphazardly (K, x) and acknowledges the
> inevitability of misinterpretation and oversimplification, particularly
> when moving from one discipline to another. Alfred M, Bork, a physicist,
> confirms this by demonstrating how Durrell's knowledge of relativity and
> quantum mechanfcal ideas is largely based on popularizations of scientific
> theQries, such as Sir James Jeans' Physics and Philosophy. Bork claims that
> Durrell's liberal use of such popularizations invokes a "translation" of
> the theory from specially formulated sclentific language into everyday
> English. Thus Bork warns "a popularization of the theory is 'not' the
> theory itself. Furthermore, different popularizations of a single theory
> can give entirely different views on it. Bork is no doubt correct."
> (Klironomos, Martha, *The Poetics and Politics of Consciousness:
> Durrell's Alexandria Quartet,* Diss. McGill University, 1988.
> http://www.lawrencedurrell.org/bibliog/bibalexandria-a.htm)
> I think it is important to note the limitations of the professed link
> between the theories of relativity and Heizenberg's uncertainty principle,
> and *The Alexandria Quartet, *which has been pointed out in this study.
> Here you have the views of a physicist on these theories and the nature of
> the link between these scientific theories, (which are complex) and *The
> Alexandria Quartet. *
> As a former undergraduate student of physics (which I eventually
> abandoned) I would endorse this view, not because I was an advanced student
> of these theories, but because my acquaintance with the basics of these
> theories - which arose at about the same time as my discovery of *The
> Alexandria Quartet *during the 1960s - led me note the very basic level
> at which the *AQ *might be linked with the theories of physics which were
> being cited. The sheer literary power of Durrell's writing rendered the
> seemingly rudimentary association with these theories of physics as
> something which was not primary in the novels.
> Sumantra Nag
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