[ilds] Gulshan Taneja

James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 22:04:53 PDT 2018

Dear all,

I'm very sorry to report the death of Gulshan Taneja.  I'm not aware of 
a formal obituary, but Ravi Nambiar heard through a friend, and James 
Clawson has confirmed through Gulshan's friends on Facebook.

I first met Gulshan some 16 years ago and deeply enjoyed our 
correspondence and occasional meetings.  In checking my files, I 
remember I wrote him a letter from the airport after first meeting him, 
which led to a discussion lasting years.  As he responded, "A personal 
letter duly hand-written is a luxury that one no longer expects to be 
allowed to indulged in too often these days."  But we did indulge.

He was a kind man, a generous scholar, and a delight to discuss 
literature with over a glass of wine. Many of you may know him from 
various Durrell conferences or events, his lively remarks in this forum, 
and his editing of the journal In-between, which published a number of 
pieces on Durrell and did a special issue in 2002.  I'm sad he will not 
be with us in Chicago.

Ave atque vale.

Kind thoughts to you all.


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