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I have available a collection of Lawrence Durrell books that I am happy to get to and give to anyone or library that would be interested. 
Like many of you, I have, and will retain, second copies of my favourites. And I have just re-read most of them. 
I have included my list below. 
These books fill two boxes and, of course, are quite heavy. 
Within the next year, I will be travelling to Vancouver (within a few days), London and Berlin, and then I will attend the next conference in Chicago in July 2018. 

Lawrence Durrell collection Lea Stogdale 2017 

Books by Lawrence Durrell 


“The Black Book Hard cover 1938 

“The Dark Labyrinth” Soft cover 1947 

“White Eagles over Serbia” Soft cover 1957 

“The Alexandria Quartet: Justine Balthazar Mountolive Clea” 

Soft cover 1968 

The Revolt of Aphrodite 

“Tunc” Soft cover 1968 

“Nunquam” Soft cover 1970 

The Avignon Quintet 

“Monsieur” Soft cover 1974 

“Livia” Soft cover 1978 

“Constance” Soft cover 1982 

“Sebastian” Soft cover 1983 

“Quinx: Soft cover 1985 

“Judith” Soft cover 2012 


“Lawrence Durrell: Collected Poems 1931-1974” Hard cover 1980 

Travel and Place 

“Prospero’s Cell” Soft cover 1945 

“Reflections on a Marine Venus” Soft cover 1996 

Introduction by David Roessel First published 1953 

“Bitter Lemons” Soft cover 1957 

“Spirit of Place: Letters and Essays on Travel” Hard cover 1969 

“Sicilian Carousel” Hard cover 1977 

“The Greek Islands” Hard cover 1978 

“The Greek Islands” Soft cover 1980 

“A Smile in the Mind’s Eye’ Soft cover 1882 

“Caesar’s Vast Ghost: Aspects of Provence” Soft cover 1990 

“The Lawrence Durrell Travel Reader” Soft cover 2004 

Edited by Clint Willis 


“Esprit de Corps” Soft cover 1957 

“Stiff Upper Lip: Soft cover 1958 

“Sauve Qui Peut: Soft cover 1966 

“Blue Thirst” Soft cover 1975 


“Lawrence Durrell & Henry Miller: A Private Correspondence: Hard copy 1962 

“Literary Lifelines: The Richard Aldington-Lawrence Durrell Correspondence” 

Edited by Ian S. MacNiven & Harry T. Moore Hard copy 1981 


“Pope Joan” Soft cover 1954 

Associated books 

“Lear’s Corfu: An anthology drawn from the painter’s letters and prefaced by Lawrence Durrell” 

Painter Edward Lear 

Including eight views of Corfu reproduced from the original lithographs 

Soft cover 1965 

“Lawrence Durrell: A Study by G.S. Fraser” Hard cover 1968 

“Durrelliania” An Illustrated Checklist of Inscribed Books of Lawrence Durrell and Gerald Durrell and associated publications, letters and notes in the library of Jeremy J.C. Mallinson. 

Soft cover 1999 

“Alexandria: City of Memory” by Michael Haig Hard cover 2004 

“A Chronology of the Life and Times of Lawrence Durrell: Homme de Lettres” 

By Brewster Chamberlin Soft cover 2007 

Books by Gerald Durrell that include Larry 

“My Family and Other Animals” Soft cover 1956 

“Birds, Beasts and Relatives” Soft cover 1969 

Durrellian books missing from this collection: 

“Lawrence Durrell: Selected Poems 

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