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Hi GR Taneja--Let me add to your respectful endorsement [ "Dear Pamela" ] that your sense of balance spoke to me. I'll be blunt, I don't always get it here. But devils can form on any listserv, hypothetically speaking here of course, with that self-aggrandizing voice bent on beguiling authority as did Milton's Lucifer; so we must distinguish our places, pushing back if you will, for the better in this asynchronous co-creation thing we got going on .

I found myself commentless-- not so long ago in heaven's name--and gave a "pssst" to Robin; hey, we need moderators, right?  Every member here--dearly beloved Bruce, too--stimulated me to reflect, check myself before hitting Send . That's good cause reflecting means forward in time, right?

As for my academy's jewels and dear Pam, they compelled careful reflection, too. As did Poe's speaker turning on that bust of Pallas Athene in "Raven," Darley's passing for me anyway spoke emphatically to the end of seeing personal detachment as imperative , not an option. I'd appeal to any naysayers, draw no conclusions. Remember mine eyes have seen the mountain top<http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=0CM0CNNU> as MLK put it in his oratory fashion. Even Blake wrote somewhere, if the Sun were to Doubt, it'd go out!<https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/w/williambla150119.html>

Showing your perspective as earned through experience had me. What would my Susan Aiken say were it revealed that pre-summer session crammed into two-and-half weeks--a Women's Studies [Literature] course--was timeless?  I can't answer that, but it's relentless and unspeakable.  I know this is informal setting-- MOOC-y--by comparison, but that's my piece.

All the best,
Ric Wilson

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