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Just kidding. But I do have a point to make briefly. This is a post on the
listserv from June 28th 2001:

Subject: [ilds] Could Durrell really swim “…as fast as a dolphin…”

So asserted the late Patrick Leigh Fermor in a 2003 interview in The Paris
Review. But could this have been literal fact? Opinion on the list appears
divided: Sumantra, Billy, Bruce, James, Jimmy, Panaiotis, Richard, Don,
Charles, Julie, Jacob, Marc, David and Bill may be prepared to agree that
Durrell was indeed a good swimmer, while Grove, Jim, Anna, Roy, Anne,
Pamela, Sumantha, Rui, Gulshan, Sharbani, Leena, Ilyas, Merrianne and Yael
likely feel that some poetic license was invoked. Brewster, Lee, John, Tib,
Anthony, Frederic, Paul, Ed, Rony, Joan, DrD, Peter, Julia, Dorothy,
Allyson, Christine and Sandy are keeping an open mind.

New topic: was Larry truly proficient on the ocarina? Bruce says probably.

- Ken

OK – so you didn’t LOL. My point is – look at the number of names I
mentioned! These were all active on the listserv - and some of us still
are, but only a fraction.

So the question is – what happened? Is it all Bruce’s fault? Don’t believe
it – all my friend Bruce and I (and many others) crave is some informed
discussion about matters that matter to us, over a forum ideally suited to
it! But there has been virtually no discussion recently - and now the ILDS
wants to shut the listserv down! Why should this have happened? Yes - some
key players like Bill left us. The technology is a decade old...but it
still works. It is digital not analog.

Does the forum really need to be moderated? I want to call out James
Gifford for the highest praise for doing all he has done. He has selflessly
passed-through any and all LD-related posts even if some of them were
personally hard to take.

But if they all were passed through, couldn’t an up-to-date Spam Filter
take care of the rest?

That’s all for now. Much respect to everyone in our group - Ken
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