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Tue Dec 6 20:39:41 PST 2016

Hello? Hello? Sorry there’s no pulse. Flatline.

Congrats on the latest Herald by the way. Maybe the best one ever Pamela.

Still…for those of us who use social media, it should be very obvious that
Facebook and Twitter cannot replicate the robust discussions we all enjoyed
on the listserv back in the day. The media are totally different, and are
not interactive in the same way. (*Like! I *Like what you just said about
Aubrey Blanford!) Infantile. Is Facebook now the preferred medium for
academic discourse? I didn’t think so. But what is? Meeting in Louisville
once a year?

Transparency is a concept we are all familiar with, and I am in constant
contact with a disgruntled cabal who feel their input as dues-paying
members of our order have been repeatedly ignored over the years. They have
a number of complaints about how the ILDS is run, which could be
constructive criticism if there was any interest in listening.

Thanks for the link to the NexusMiller publication. Looking forward to
reading Normajean’s article.

Cheers - Ken
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