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The reference below, to Deus Loci, sums up the problem.  With the greatest
respect to Grove, Deus Loci is not the most appropriate location for an
ongoing bibliography. The fact that the latest issue available (NS14, for
2013-2015) contains Grove's up-date listing to 2002 (i.e. 13 years old)
demonstrates that a print edition - especially one in a journal which is so
tardy and irregular in its appearance - is not the best way forward.*

When we compiled the bibliography in the DLC website, we transposed the
ILDS online bibliography, combining it, on James Clawson's recommendation,
with that on the "Zotero" website, and have since then been regularly
adding items as they become available to us / we become aware of them. No
bibliography will ever be complete, but this seems a more comprehensive
method than confining the bibliography to a print outlet.
The idea that there are in fact two different methodologies seems to me
perverse. What any scholar requires is a straightforward listing in a
uniform format stating: Author, Title, Source (either publisher if a
free-standing volume or Journal with volume year and serial no.) and, if
necessary, an explanatory note.

I am sure that the DLC will be happy to co-operate with any organisation or
individual who wishes to advance such work.

I am writing this from my personal address firstly because I do not want it
to appear as an official  'DLC viewpoint' and secondly because, due to J
Gifford's inexplicable  decision, the DLC address does not in fact receive
ILDS messages.

Richard Pine

*When I say 'tardy', I mean it. An article I submitted in 2012 was
published in NS14 (i.e. at least 3 years later) and when I was asked to
check the proofs I found that it was already out of date due to the fact
that it was written for publication in 2013.
James Gifford via <https://support.google.com/mail/answer/1311182?hl=en>
4:07 PM (15 minutes ago)
Hi Peter,

Grove is still adding to the bibliography, but it's incremental in /Deus
Loci/.  However, a part of me suspects the days of print bibliographies may
be behind us...  Digital resources seem to be taking over that work, and
having the option of searching content and interfacing with your word
processor is helpful.  I still like print access, but the digital has a
real foothold now.

That said, the ILDS could easily sponsor such a project, though it would be
a real labour of love for the bibliographer and would likely have a niche
"market."  We already sponsor Grove's work in /Deus Loci/.

The flip side of this is the gap between Grove's ongoing extensions of the
Brigham/Thomas bibliography and the online scholarly bibliography. They
simply have different areas of coverage.  The former includes each new
edition of Durrell's primary works as well as newspaper stores and such.
The latter covers each of Durrell's works and major variants but has not
attempted to seriously cover translations and new editions, etc.  Also, its
real focus is on scholarly articles, chapters, and books for researchers.
We'll still at the very early stages of adding works in other languages,
and even then only scholarly works.  Conceivably, the digital version could
incorporate the B-T-K content, but that's quite a lot of work, and we
didn't want to step on toes since they serve different audiences (I made
that decision nearly 15 years ago when Susan MacNiven was also driving it,
and I certainly wouldn't want to interfere with Grove's work today!).

I should note, I still add new Durrell works to the online bibliography
that haven't appeared in any of them before.  Also, UVic's Brigham fonds
includes photographs of every listed work in the Brigham/Thomas -- they
simply couldn't be printed in the book.

All best,
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