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Mon Oct 31 14:19:48 PDT 2016

Hi Brewster,

That's a daunting project, but clearly one that would be team-driven and 
covering many years...  A first challenge, however, would be securing a 
press and rights, followed by actually acquiring the mountain of materials.

I've spent a good deal of time looking into the smaller archival 
holdings for Durrell, mainly because most people don't so that's where 
the surprises are, and there's quite a lot of Durrell spread out across 
Europe & America.  The workload would be enormous.  And then there's so 
much still in private hands.


On 2016-10-31 2:06 PM, Brewster Chamberlin wrote:
> Bruce,
> Take a look at the four-volume edition of Beckett's letters and you will
> see what an edition of LD's letters would look like. The project would
> take years for a team (not one or two persons) to complete. The sources
> are dauntingly multiple and all the libraries and archives housing the
> papers of LD's friends and acquaintances to whom he may have written
> must be ransacked. The catalogues of auction houses which deal with
> literary papers would need to be reviewed. The depositories where LD
> materials are located (Southern Illinois U, the collection curated by
> Corinne Alexandre-Garner at the Nanterre branch of the Univ. of Paris,
> the collection at the University of Alberta, and so on. See the general
> editors' introductions to the Beckett, Hemingway, D.H. Lawrence editions
> of letters and Ian MacNiven's list of sources in his biography and
> Richard Pine's in The Mindscape to give you an idea of the parameters of
> such a project. To be complete the edition would reprint the letters in
> the Miller-Durrell, LD-Aldington volumes and the letters to Franchette,
> which Richard mentioned somewhere recently. Do not, however, bother with
> the Picasso-Gertrude Stein or the Sylvia Beach letters volumes; they are
> travesties and should not have been published as they exist.
> Hope this helps.
> Brewster

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