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The following is the inventory of letters from Jolan Chang to lawrence
Durrell held in the LD collection at the Universitye Paris X (Nanterre)


Letters from *Jolan Chang* (author of *The Tao of Love and Sex*, publ.
April 1977): 1976-1982

1)      ALS May 15 1976 to L.D. in English. Re: sending his book to
Wildwood, printing planned for next spring; A. Nin’s *Diaries*. Asks L.D.
for choice of title for his book.

2)      ALS April 10 1977 (from Stockholm). Re: his book, just published by
Wildwood and related subjects.

3)      ALS: n.d. (early 1977, Feb 28, from Stockholm). Re: Gail Sheehy’s
best-selling book *Passages: *she is a Durrell admirer and a devotee of the
ancient Chinese Tao of Loving (ref. to p.313 of her book, ‘The sexual
diamond’, copy enclosed). Concludes: ‘knowingly or unknowingly, suddenly
all the feminists seem to be on the side of the Tao’! Invites L.D. to
discussion on the subject in London with his daughter, Needham and Gail
Sheehy. (1 leaf)

+ A self-introduction: photocopy of MS. (1 leaf)

+ Photo of J.Chang

+ Xerox of Wildwood’s ad for *The Tao of Love and Sex* with L.D.’s

4)      Photocopy of Ms *An Ancient Chinese Secret of Love and Sex* (2

5)      Photocopy of Ts interview, points 5 to 10 (2 leaves).

6)      ALS: n.d. on letterhead of ‘The Royal Swedish Yacht Club’ 1977. Re:
saving paper (like Needham). Worries about L.D.’s asthma. His book has kept
him busy as it is published in 10 countries: ‘a success that would surprise
women editors at Doubleday’!: so much is due to L.D.’s support and
enthusiasm. Re: a TV programme with L.D. and H. Miller. Asks how and where
L.D. is going to publish his long essay (*A Smile in the Mind’s Eye*, publ.
1978). (1 leaf)

7)      ALS: n.d. on letterhead of the RSYC, Stockholm 1977. Regrets
English is still a foreign language to him. Concern about L.D.’s health.
Wishes he could live within ‘bicycle distance’ of L.D. ‘Lao Tse did not
think that travel is necessary’: no invasions, no wars, no problems. Does
not know how to deal with his US publishers. His health is better and
better ‘drink 4, 5 glasses of water first thing in the morning’). (1 leaf)

8)      ALS: July 23, 1978 from Stockholm. J.C. shows his pleasure at
success of his book. Invites L.D. to stay with him to work together on the
subject of the Tao. ‘A presumptuous proposal’, he writes. (1 leaf)

+ Encloses a letter by E.L. Rossi, a specialist in clinical psychology. (1

+ part of E.L. Rossi’s curriculum vitae. (1 leaf)

9)      ALS: Dec.7, 1978 from Stockholm. Re: on travelling, writing and
keeping one’s wife! Quotes Danish writer Suzanne Brøgger (a protégée of
Miller’s) who said ‘devoted writers could seldom keep their lovers because
writing is a demanding and possessive mistress’. (1 leaf)

10)   ALS: Sept.21, 1982 from Stockholm. Hopes to meet L.D. in Paris. Comes
to visit all his publishers in Paris and London. Had a letter from L.D.
before his usual tour of Greece. Admits ‘a worse letter writer like me is
difficult to find’. Does not sound as warm and confident as he used to. (1
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