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Tue Oct 4 22:56:45 PDT 2016

David writes:
"According to G Bowker the Chinese Taoist philosopher and sexologist, with
Durrell had been corresponding, visited him in Sommieres at the beginning
of 1976. At the time Larry was living alone in the gloomy old house in one
or two rooms. Chang said Durrell ejaculated too much and drank too much and
needed to stop drinking and only ejaculate occasionally. I wonder how much
Larry paid him for this advice? Certainly he does not seem to have followed

Yes, this is explicitly discussed in the BBC documentary "LD A Smile in the
Mind's Eye" (1998) which was mentioned in an earlier message. We hope to
post this documentary, along with other video- and audio- items, on the DLC
website very soon.

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