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Mon Oct 3 11:47:49 PDT 2016

Professor James Gifford writes to Len Worman
"The series has generated a good deal of attention in the UK.  It has it's
own website, but the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is quite good too:
It's a good deal more creative with the source materials than the previous
television series done by the BBC in 1987 & 2005, but it's also quite
charming and has been very popular in the UK.
Michael Haag has a book to accompany the series and has discussed the
series on his blog:"

I note that Professor Gifford suppressed the information to Len that was
sent from the Durrell Library of Corfu, which gave the same information,
and more. Why he should continue to censor information from this source,
which is both professionally and strategically unethical, is a matter
between himself and his colleagues on the ILDS committee who give him
charge of the listserv.

The DLC website is accessed on a daily basis by far more readers than are
members of the ILDS listserv, and reaches at least 1500 people in every
part of the world.

And if he were to mind his apostrophes the English grammar would be better
listserved, too.
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