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> So the thing about LD's like or dislike of title(s) at hand, what could the subtext here refer to, I wonder?  
> Ric Wilson
> Aphrodite
> Not from some silent sea she rose
> In her great wave of nacre
> But from such a one?O sea
> Scourged with iron cables!  O sea,
> Boiling with salt froths to curds,
> Carded like wool on the moon?s spindles,
> Time-scarred, bitter, simmering prophet.
> On some such night of storm and labour
> Was hoisted trembling into our history?
> Wide with panic the great eyes staring ?
> Of man?s own wish this speaking loveliness,
> On man?s own wish this deathless petrifact.
> 1964/1961

Ric, I think Richard Pine can best answer your question.  My personal opinion, following Richard’s suggestion elsewhere, is that Durrell was being cagey.  That is, he in fact came up with The Revolt of Aphrodite as a title for Tunc and Nunquam, but he wanted to confuse the situation and thrown people off the track.  So he denied the fact.  What does the title mean?  The sonnet “Aphrodite” provides one answer, as it stands like a broken artifact, suggesting more than it reveals.

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