[ilds] Rule of contract

Sam Kirshaw samkirshaw at gmail.com
Thu May 19 13:56:22 PDT 2016

The invisible walls of the capitalist system (referenced by Ernesto Guevara) that entrap and limit everyone (even those effectively multiplying…pace Dostoevsky) in it are laid down by the rule of contract which the firm exits under. Is this a trust or an enslavement? I think I know which side LD is taking even though fascinated by the opposite. The anti-hero is the only one who can break down these walls, this “trust”. The hero would have to play by the rules. It is only disengagement that allows the anti-hero to triumph and Durrell’s work is littered with them both failing in general terms and succeeding but occasionally. And the price can be madness. Take Benedicta as an example in her time. Her devil’s teat and the attempted excision of same are a telling element of this tendency.

Sam Kirshaw

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