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Ric Wilson Ric.Wilson at msn.com
Mon May 16 23:27:57 PDT 2016

Your perception, valid; spirit of place has its editors. We may align ourselves in self-talk to progress but rooting to place happens, choices. My de facto interpretation of the DMA (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Millennium_Copyright_Act) as any loose knit one, may give a voyeur, hypothetically speaking , access to peep throughout AQ's entirety freely--no fear of any payment due. Period. (Put that in your pipe, ye wicked publishers!)

If able to R&R an FTA-receiver's firmware (simply download a patch from a pirate's forum onto a handy mobile thumb drive, insert it into satellite-TV receiver's USB, re-write proprietary firmware effectively de-scrambling DISH's signal), would you gouge, too--an amazing "power" of virtually limitless observation? This Pandora's box featuring unrestricted access drove one FA-receiver-producer into multi-millionaire status before his conviction. Proof of signal theft was irrelevant, remember there's no way of knowing what happens between end-user's flash-drive, PC, and/or FTA-receiver's USB-port, but on review a receiver with unprecedented update-able firmware, his hacks by proxy on DISH historically for his consumers + pursuit of DISH's "next generation"(secure) chip--sealed in epoxy,btw--and an electron microscope--needed to (re)produce chips--in his garage made FBI's bust airtight. Playing back recordings of his interviewing hacks-for-hire--icing on the cake. Not bowing to an authentic producer's value judgment is issue ( https://www.thestar.com/business/2009/03/15/satellite_piracy_costing_tv_industry_billions.html ).  Passive end-users were not hunted , but the active development of apparatus capable of dipping into DISH's proprietary content : a tightening noose.  

I read once "a cataract of words" as LD's trademark. Effective metaphor -- desensitizing his readers' fingers, clasped onto holiness of one's values. One mentality as sustainable over time, impossible. Your objection over $25 granted, but then another voice said "alma mater"; sure enough, "Shibboleth," was written there with Judaeo-Hebraic flavor. A portal that UA maintains for faculty, students, exes. I was allowed to peep again, righteously now, but did my status motivate my little head to read anymore?

Ric Wilson


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Yes.  Another point about the ?paywall.?  I understand that publishers have to make money to stay publishing, but I don?t understand their greed to gouge the public.  Many a time I?ve found an article I?d like to buy?but not if the publisher is charging $25+ to download.  I?ve worked in a publishing house and know how some editors think?charge whatever the market will bear, and if that?s 10x the value of the product, then so be it.  I?ll really against this ?free-market? mentality.


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