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Tue Apr 26 15:44:02 PDT 2016

Hello Hashsham (and all),

I'll add, there are two version of the text (if the Greek displays properly
through the listserv):

  τὸ ὄνομα τοῦ ἄγαθοῦ διάμονος (omnibus edition)
  To anoma tou agathou diamonos


  ἄγαθοῦ διάμονος (first edition)
  agathou diamonos

My Greek is bad and getting worse quickly, so someone please correct me --
I read it as "το ονομα του αγαθου δαιμονος" (to onoma tou agathou daemonos)
and "in the name of Agathodaemon" or "the name of the good spirit" or for
"αγαθου δαιμονος" just "Agathodaemon" as a libation to good fortune.

Adding the French "A CLAUDE" seems to suggest "To Claude, good fortune."

A correction would be appreciated from anyone with better Greek than me,
which is probably most of you...

All best,

I rise to Professor Gifford's bait. He does not need to apologise for his
ignorance of Greek, which he has already ably demonstrated in his edition
of "Panic Spring". To suggest that the inscription means 'In the name of
Agathodaemon' is preposterous.And I do not see any relevance in the idea of
'libation'. That is absurd.
The dedication 'A Claude' which Gifford rightly intuits as being in French,
rather than a reference to 'a Claude' (whatever a Claude might be),
suggests that LD has dedicated the book to his wife, Claude, with the added
epigraph 'The name of the good spirit'. He is not wishing her good
fortune.He is recognising her as HIS good fortune. QED and QNED.
However, in these days of deconstructionism, postmpodernism and
preinterpretationism, one can never be certain of anything, can one?
Sufficiently diforoumenos and asafis, I hope.
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