[ilds] Bitter Lemons v. Tunc

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> On Apr 14, 2016, at 1:01 AM, Ric Wilson <Ric.Wilson at msn.com> wrote:
> We're here in a forum designed to pique others' interest into a better understanding.  Insults launched belabor dialogue and monopolize it as if there's no good breeding here. If you want a better understanding, then do not pretend, "as Richard Pine likes to believe" because that's clearly offensive in the same manner you've  assigned a philhellene [LD?] as "ridiculous." [Now I've got to add yet another book to my Amazon list. Will I have time, Paniaiotis? My life is short.] Has becoming twisted into the shape of that one who first twisted a relevant axiom? Very heavy-handed, the tone of voice adopted, mocking even. I only know what I've seen/felt here. I wish you'd use your voice to show and tell and poise questions with as my better teachers did.

Agreed.  We should all strive for civility.  Given the continued interest in Bitter Lemons, I still recommend putting that provocative book at the top of a reading list for further discussion.  I realize, however, that the ILDS listserv began a discussion of that book in 2008 (?), which, unfortunately, ended after only a few exchanges.  So maybe BL is not the best choice, in which case I support Peter Baldwin’s recommendation of Tunc as an alternative.

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