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Pan.Gero's response was very well received. I prefer the "stirring of the curiosity [as] always a help." At home here in my simpleton's Sonoran desert, these replies and counter emails remind me of Bowen's use of "individuating": "To individuate  the work of the Personal Landscape poets, to show the singularity and range of their achievement, has been more difficult because the historical context was neglected. The distrust and disapproval of [let's contrary points of view re:] about 'foreign cities,' in fact of the whole tradition of a modernism with a cosmopolitan access to the world outside England, shows itself in the denial of this context." ( from Many Histories Deep, 188) 

SO if, "The guests are scatter’d thro’ the land, For the eye altering alters all;" (http://www.bartleby.com/235/134.html) then what we're really seeing here speaks to an unraveling of something larger than anticipation for singular correctitude, right? As one whose brain is clearly more whitewashed than the many far wiser than me here, I liked the consolation in reflecting on LD's voice as " It speaks in the contradictions but not in what's said, much like the closing interpretation of silence. " I suspect that members here reaffirm the intoxicating euphoria that reading from a best seller brings down on his audience. 

On reflection, though, it's crazy for the grape tomato to stand out and question the competence of the kalamata olive's authenticity in the salad bowl , right? I think anyway that we're all slanted and LD's voice appeals this fact. So what for what it's worth, thank you for so much authentic discussion referencing so many things I had no idea about.

Ric Wilson

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