[ilds] The Durrells

James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 23:10:27 PDT 2016

Thanks for the details, Peter!

> The focus is on a stressed mother, Louisa,
> struggling with four unruly 'children'

I was under the impression that "gin-soaked" might touch on it...  Just 
maybe it will drive people to /Amateurs in Eden/ for adult updates.

> As you say, if it brings cash to G's estate
> ie for the Jersey Zoo that's some good

It's something at least.  I've watched a handful of book adaptations for 
TV series over the past year (we don't actually have TV), and it's a 
strange combination of being impressed and disappointed.  The 
remediation inevitably means change, and some of that can actually be 
quite welcome (after all, /My Family/ was never "accurate" in the first 
place...). The great disappointment is when something appears with grand 
filming, some decent acting, and much potential yet seems to be trimmed 
to death on the cutting room floor.  I'm hoping this makes a decent 
thing unto itself, even if it runs away from the source materials.

> No sponsorships trails for Panic Spring
> for the series!

Alas!  I don't see a penny off those, but I'd be very glad to see the 
pennies flowing to someone.  One can hope.  The book's worth reading, 
after all -- it just wants more readers to open it.

For what it's worth, there's a new documentary about the Barbarian Press 
that interviews Jason Dewinetz who did the design for the ELS Editions 
of Durrell -- the Barbarians have a stunning shop, and their daughter 
imprint recently printed a long poem by one of my earliest Canadian 
ancestors.  Delos might find the trailer worth the time (I know the 
Barbarians have much to say on the Centaur setting of the Quartet and 
Durrell's translations of Cavafy):


All best,

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