[ilds] Bitter Lemons and Academe

James Gifford james.d.gifford at gmail.com
Sun Apr 3 10:08:37 PDT 2016

Hi Robin,

I posted a query about the book in February, but I haven't had a chance 
to take a look yet (I get a digital edition through my campus library). 
Notably, he does make this comment about support for the Turkish position:

"I fear a conflation of Durrell's actual work for the authorities and 
the memoir he leaves us about Cyprus.... Durrell was doing no more than 
merely going through the motions"

I'm glad to see he's reading Petra Tournay in the same chapter.  I'd 
also tend to note the ironical tone in the Aegean Review interview.

All best,

On 2016-04-03 9:50 AM, Robin Collins wrote:
> Skimming through Google I saw an excerpt from Bowman's Narratives of
> Cyprus that is squarely on the same topic, and much critical of LD.
> Is/was Bowman known to others?
>> Book blurb: Unease has marked relations between modern travel writers
>> and the people of Cyprus. Visitors like Lawrence Durrell, Colin
>> Thubron, Christopher Hitchens and Sebastian Junger have registered the
>> effects of political strife on both the people of the island and those
>> who visit from abroad. Their accounts demonstrate how geopolitical
>> realities--such as colonization, insurgency, inter-communal warfare,
>> and now decades of militarized 'peace'--shape the narrating self and
>> its relations to others. Here, Jim Bowman assesses the effects of
>> Cypriot history on writings about the island through an analysis of
>> memoirs, travelogues, political journalism, guide books and
>> ethnographies. Through this examination of popular texts, Bowman shows
>> how a western and politicized image of Cyprus has been created,
>> increasingly divorced from the realities experienced by the local
>> population. Narratives of Cyprus is an important reassessment of
>> Cyprus' place in British culture, and will be of interest to scholars
>> and students of Anthropology, English Literature and Ethnographic Studies.
> Robin

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