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Let’s be clear and “real,” if you will.  I have criticized Durrell for stealing other people words, not for borrowing other people’s ideas.  The former, after all, is the legal definition of plagiarism, and Durrell clearly delighted in such dark activity:  “But darkness is also of my nature” (“In Cairo”), which is itself a sly example of outright theft.  I see nothing wrong with adapting works of art and historical events to suit some artistic purpose.  This is done all the time.  Take for example Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven (2005) or Exodus:  Gods and Kings (2014), both of which distort and misrepresent history.  This bothers some but not me.  Egyptologists have a field day with exposing the inaccuracies of Scott’s Exodus.  More interesting is the motivation behind the “travesty.”


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> Inaccuracies? A cameo role for Lesley Caron - star, for younger viewers, of the 1958 movie 'Gigi' playing opposite Maurice Chevalier, and now in her 10th decade. Her role has been invented - a Countess for whom Mrs Durrell goes to work as a companion. Does that sound familiar? Not to readers of MFAOA? Oh no. But it shows how films are made by accountants, not directors or, heaven forbid, the authors of the original text(s)
> Caron's cameo role will ensure it sells to people of a certain age, and, for younger viewers, what the hell does it matter? It's only fiction, after all. 
> Inaccuracies? Caricatures? isn't that what television and fiction are all about. from the News upwards, Gerry started it all with 'Garden of the Gods' so who can blame the Durrell family for giving their name to a travesty? It is only a film. Not a documentary. And if it gives innocent pleasure to millions, where's the harm? Like if they set the AVignon Quintet in LA or Chicago, with Daniel Craig as Blanford and Sutcliffe and Natasha Kinsky as Constance. Who would notice? Who would applaud? And yet we accuse LD of plagiarism because he took passages and ideas fromn other people's work and turned them into an art of his own. Get real.
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