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Pine’s advice (esp. point 2) strikes me as solid re publishing Durrell’s original MS.  I hopes someone undertakes what appears to be a lot of work.  My dealings with Durrell’s estate and Curtis Brown centered on one issue—generating money for the estate.


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> As someone who has edited and published a previously unpublished novel by Lawrence Durrell ("Judith", Durrell School of Corfu, 2012) my advice regarding a publication of the original edition of "Reflections" would be as follows:
> 1) There would in my opinion, even though Durrell's reputation is not at its highest, be considerable interest in a production of the original, provided it were effectively promoted.
> 2) In order to achieve this, there is no point discussing this among ourselves. The appropriate course of action is to persuade the Estate, through agents Curtis Brown, a) of the desirability of such a publication, b) of its viability in terms of editing and production and c) its possible source of income to the Estate.
> 3) If such persuasion could be achieved (and in my opinion it could) then there are several possible modes of publication:
> i) as a special number of Deus Loci
> ii) as a "private" imprint of the ILDS.
> As the Durrell School of Corfu is no longer in a position to undertake such a publication (as it did in the cases of both "Judith" and Stephanides' memoirs, "Autumn Gleanings" - a joint publication with the ILDs which remains in print) a third possibility nevertheless remains 
> iii) as a publication by Colenso Books, which is directed by Anthony Hirst who has recently published at least two titles relating to Durrell and Stephanides and who is about to publish the original text of Stephanides' monograph on Corfu's Freshwater Biology.
> Publication would of course (as in the case of "Judith") require an editor sympathetic to the text, to the ambience of the original and to the author's intentions, without unnecessary academic paraphernalia or other impedimenta.
> In relation to (ii) it might be possible for the ILDS to attract subscriptions from members and associated persons who would, in exchange for a subscription, receive copies of the book. A limited numbered edition (as in the case of the DSC's edition of "Judith" ) would add to its value as a collectors' item.
> It should be noted that in the case of "Judith" a print and ebook edition was subsequently published by Open Road in the USA, which is in effect a reproduction of the DSC edition in almost all respects; this occurred at the time that Open Road contracted with the Durrell Estate to produce editions both in print and as ebooks of most of Durrell's titles and therefore some commercial interest might be shown in such an endeavour in the case of "Reflections".
> I believe some criticism has been levelled at Ann Ridler for severe cutting of the original typescript for publication by Fabers. We must bear in mind a) that Fabers is and was a commercial enterprise and Ms Ridler and her superiors may well have considered that Durrell's book was too long for the public, purchase-price-wise. There is also the consideration that at that time (1953) Durrell/Faber had already published "Prospero's Cell" and it may have been thought prudent to publish a second "island" book of comparable length rather than one which was appreciably longer.
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