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I think Bruce meant this for the list not just the administrators 
(forward below).

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I agree with Ken that Durrell seems to live at times in an “other” 
reality.  “Heraldic” seems related to “the kingdom of the imagination,” 
which is not necessarily reality based.  To wit, he can write about 
places in /The Greek Islands/ which he probably never visited.

I also find interesting Richard on Durrell’s relationship with Nin. 
Durrell’s public comments on Anaïs were enthusiastic, his private 
statements considerably otherwise.  My sense is that Durrell in public 
was supportive of fellow writers, particularly those in his own circle, 
although his personal opinions of them may be critical, perhaps even 
scathing.  I guess he had what Conrad called, in another context, “the 
fellowship of the craft.”


> On Feb 24, 2016, at 1:24 PM, Kennedy Gammage
> <gammage.kennedy at gmail.com <mailto:gammage.kennedy at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Interesting that she mentions the Heraldic Universe in the next
> paragraph: she sat down with Durrell and Nancy '...and we talked
> intimately. They recoil from what I recoil from. They wanted Greece
> again, after walking through the greasy, slippery, putrid world of
> Montparnasse. "It is not a moral repulsion," said Larry, "it is
> Heraldic." The love of the "heraldic" world in Larry excludes the
> other. Not in Henry.' Durrell must have talked about it a great deal.
> Was he seeing things? Living in his own private Idaho so to speak? Not
> Henry though. He lived wherever he was living and wrote about it (with
> the possible exception of the Palisades in LA?)
> Cheers - Ken

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