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Ken is enthusiastic and convincing.

Paul Herron, your response?


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> ILDS member Paul Herron’s Anaïs Nin Literary Journal A CAFÉ IN SPACE 13 arrived in today’s mail, and Lawrence Durrell is mentioned, though in passing. For more color about Anaïs and Larry (she clearly found him a whole lot more interesting than Nancy!) the Diary of Anaïs Nin Volume Two 1934-1939 is worth re-reading. She says:  “Under the golden tanned skin, the blond hair, the sea-bottom eyes, behind the poetic gestures, mellow and human, he has found a cataract of words, a universe of nuances, shadows, quarter tones. Not by way of neurosis did he discover the imagination he has. He is like a sailor, a mountaineer who has been visited by revelations. There is a miracle about his creation. He is a bit amazed. He walks the familiar streets with a vague uneasiness. The wine bottle has become symbolical. This expresses all he is fighting against. He does not want to lose the warmth, the flesh, the odor, the reality.”
> I guess the main thing that jumped out from Café 13 was how vicious the New York Times has been to Nin for 50 years. When you read it, it’s an embarrassment. They owe her (and we her fans) a huge apology!
> Best - Ken
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