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Avra Estiatorio - Tables for Two - The New Yorker<http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/02/22/avra-estiatorio-tables-for-two>
Credit Photograph by Jeremy Liebman for the New Yorker Some time has passed since Lawrence Durrell, in his book "The Greek Islands," cited a friend's claim ...

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I have a copy of the original edition with the wonderful evocative photos. I also bought a copy of the reprint - a small paperback - which has no photos. When I inquired about the absence of the photos I was told that Fabers had bought the photos from agency George Rainbird Ltd for the original edition only, and the reason for not including them in the reprint was either that the photos were no longer available or the price was prohibitive. Either way, the photos enhance the text enormously, and the picture-less edition is far less interesting.
James Esposito

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It's in the FOOD & DRINK section of The New Yorker on page 15. Nicolas Niarchos opens his review of a Greek restaurant like this:

'SOME TIME HAS passed since Lawrence Durrell, in his book "The Greek Islands," cited a friend's claim that retsina tastes like "pure turpentine which has been strained through the socks of a bishop."'

I maintain that _The Greek Islands_ is long overdue for a positive reappraisal.

Cheers - Ken

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