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I agree.  There also comes a point where revising and re-revising yield minimal returns, if any at all.  Striving for perfection may result in the Virgil syndrome, namely, the urge to burn the opus.  But who am I to tell an author what to do?


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> On Feb 15, 2016, at 5:56 AM, mail at durrelllibrarycorfu.org wrote:
> When Haag was in Corfu - approximately 8-10 years ago (I am not exactly sure of the date) he told me that the book, commissioned by Yale, was due for delivery in two years' time (from then) - in other words his contractual deadline was about 6 years ago. He told me several fascinating newly discovered facts about LD's life in Greece, which certainly persuaded me that the book would be of value.
> However, as noted below, he has to put paying work (such as the DanBrown-oriented books) ahead of his other interests (don't we all?) and that must go a long way to explaining his delay in producing the LD biog - also, I suspect, an author's characteristic need to go on discovering new aspects and to polish and repolish the work before handing it up for critical scrutiny.
> But it doesn't alter the fact that many of us want to see that book soonest!
> RP
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