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james Esposito giacomoesposito72 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 13 07:50:54 PST 2016

Thank you - yes I have read all his Alexandria books. The one you mention
is particularly reliant on, and revealing of, Durrell's relationship with
the city and especially, of course, Eve whom he befriended.
It is to be hoped that Haag will complete his biography - I am sure I am
not the only reader waiting to see it.
James Esposito

On Sat, Feb 13, 2016 at 5:40 PM, James Gifford <james.d.gifford at gmail.com>

> Hello James,
> Alas, Haag's biography isn't out yet -- so far as I know, he's still
> writing it, though he posts updates on his blog:
>   http://michaelhaag.blogspot.ca/
> His /Alexandria: City of Memory/ is excellent if you've not read it.
> Perhaps others on the list have updates?
> Best,
> James
> On 2016-02-13 2:57 AM, james Esposito wrote:
>> Please forgive another what must seem naive query. I have read avidly
>> the biographies of Lawrence Durrell by Ian MacNiven and Gordon Bowker,
>> and what some call a biography by Richard Pine - the Mindscape -  and
>> have heard that another biography by Michael Haag has been in
>> preparation for some years. I am of course aware of Haag's impressive
>> publication list including important works on Alexandria, but his
>> biography of Durrell (as far as I can make out) has not appeared. Maybe
>> he is a member of this list? Sorry if I'm asking the obvious but it
>> seems a work that should be anticipated.
>> James Esposito
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