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I note that the proposal for the ILDS conference on Crete this year refers to "writings by and about Patrick Leigh Fermor, Xan Fielding, and Stanley Moss." A pity it doesn't include Theodore Stephanides' Climax in Crete (foreword by Lawrence Durrell) Faber & Faber, 1946. Durrell's foreword says "It is not the smart, ill-informed writing of the so-called 'trained reporter' nor the shredded gossip of the American woman journalist; it is so bare and unassuming a narrative as to appear in places deliberately underwritten. Yet in the solid virtue of observed detail it evokes the atmosphere of Greece and Crete during the German attack with a fidelity I have not seen elsewhere equalled".
Anyone attending this conference would do well to reflect on the fact that, three years ago, Crete was celebrating the centenary of its adhesion to, and inclusion in, the state of Greece.
Richard Pine

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