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Yes.  We might start with definitions.  Is poetry the same as a prose poem?  I don't think it is, and I doubt that Durrell did either, for the simple reason he published the two genres separately.


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> Durrell's poetry could do with some  analysis on ILDS.
> I think it was in a letter to Henry Miller that Durrell himself first referred to his composition of Justine as a prose poem.
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> I don't think Durrell was being disingenuous.  He would prefer, I think, being known as a poet.  Poetry, after all, is by far the older and higher calling.  Plagiarism might be a test of this.  I don't detect plagiarism in his poetry.  He may revise, rework, and exceed his predecessors.  But I don't see him engaged in wholesale theft, as occasioned in his prose.  I think he considered poetry too sacred.  Harold Bloom talks about this in his "Anxiety of Influence," although he would surely not consider Durrell a "strong poet."  You're right--Durrell's poetry deserves "deep study."  I find it very mysterious.
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