[ilds] Anais Nin Podcast: Miller & Durrell on writing

Sky Blue Press skybluepress at skybluepress.com
Fri Dec 18 12:53:51 PST 2015

Just wanted you to know that I've posted a new Anais Nin podcast which gets
to the bottom of the question about how much Henry Miller (and Lawrence
Durrell to a lesser degree) helped Anais Nin break through to a clearer,
more accessible, more mainstream prose in the late 1930s as she worked on
the last book of the Villa Seurat Series, The Winter of Artifice. Later in
life, Nin denied Miller's influence, but we now have letters from Nin to
Durrell and the manuscript edited in Miller's had to debunk the myth. We
also explore why Nin denied Miller in the first place. The podcast, which
runs about 20 minutes, is based on a paper I gave at Nanterre OMG 2008 (the
day of the RER strike-remember that?). Here's the link:
fluence-on-nins-writing/ You can listen to it through iTunes, or otherwise.



Paul Herron





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