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No, I think this is an important distinction, which should be taken very seriously and is not as complicated as you make it.  Simply put, is someone a phony or not a phony?  Or to paraphrase Hamlet, should the world be as it seems or not as it seems.  We’re discussing Graecen’s remark in Labyrinth, previously quoted, which is also raised by the many references to fake antiquities in the novel.   (And I thank you for bringing up the subject.)  In my opinion, Graecen sees a discontinuity between appearance and reality, especially in the context of human behavior, and it clearly bothers him.  And I don’t think he’s about to make any leap into saying that we’re all phonies and that’s the way of the world—so enjoy!  Or, “What me worry?” in the words of Alfred E. Neuman, the mascot of Mad magazine.  Now, with respect to Lawrence Durrell himself, the man as he appeared before his public was occasionally at great odds with the man in his private life.  This fits Graecen’s remark perfectly.  Instead of Dostoevsky “browbeat[ing] his menservants” (p. 258), substitute Durrell beating his wives.  All this talk of mirrors and multiple selves, I take as one big smokescreen to cover up something very basic and troubling.


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> I cannot see the difference between duplicitous behaviour detected in oneself (and for which one censures oneself) and being a fraud, for which one congratulates oneself. The question seems to revolve around self-other - who are we - who is that in the mirror? who is it that writes my work? Who left that note on my desk? Was it me or was it A N Other (aka me)? or maybe just A N Wilson. Only joking. Don't take everything so seriously you guys - especially your doubleness. RP  

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