[ilds] Remembering Lawrence Durrell, Predictor of our Postmodern World_By Peter Pomerantsev 6/25/2012

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'Durrell's characters suffer as they try to negotiate their multiverse,
twisting themselves painfully to reconcile the impossible and dying in the
contortions. It's a crisis Durrell went through himself, growing up a
third-generation Anglo-Irish colonial in India.'


"I have an Indian heart and an English skin," he said. "I realized this very
late, when I was twenty-one, twenty-two. It created a sort of psychological
crisis. I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I realized suddenly that I was not
English really, I was not European. There was something going on underneath
and I realized that it was the effect of India on my thinking." (Quoting
Lawrence Durrell) 

I think part of the content here (written in an article at the time of
Durrell's centenary) advances the view that not just his relatively brief
childhood in India until the age of about 12, but his inheritance as a third
generation Anglo-Irish in India, influenced the way that he looked at the

Sumantra Nag

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