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I don’t think this discussion has been pontificating about authors and their heavy drinking or alcoholism.  The examples of great writers with his disposition are far too numerous to itemize.  In fact, it’s probably easier to list the teetotalers.  I see alcoholism (my preference) as symptomatic of some other problem.  No moralizing involved.  I like to explore underlying causes.


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> A couple of points:
> 1) I don't understand what is meant by "an ethical issue" in relation to alcohol and alcoholism - is someone trying to be moralistic about drinking? 
> 2) LD was not an alcoholic. He was a heavy drinker, almost entirely devoted to wine - in his later years, a light petillant white which his companion more or less imposed on him rather than his favourite red. An alcoholic is someone who cannot go a day without a serious quantity of drink - of whatever kind - whatever is available. D wasn't like that. Yes, his brother suffered more from heavy drinking. Liver failure killed him. It didn;'t kill LD. Liver failure can happen to a bishop, and frequently does.
> 3) If Dr GiffoRd does not wish to "be a Darley" - that is, have "exciting  sexual adventures" well who are we to either approve or disapprove of his self-denial?
> There is something seriously worrying about people pontificating about other people's predilections and their behaviour. We will worry next about novels in which pedestrians are sentenced to death for J-walking - what does that tell us about the novelist?
> RP

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