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Richard, thanks for the recommendations.  Diboll’s book is hard to get and has its problems, but overall the study is worth reading, in particular his treatment of the Wafd (the Egyptian nationalist party) and its correspondences in Mountolive.  Some may recall, years back, when Diboll and Haag had a spirited debate on the Wafd in the Quartet.  I think Diboll is right.


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> On the subject of Said's (and "Orientalism"'s) enduring reputation (or otherwise) may I recommend two works by scholars who might have been "Saidians" but who recognise the need to critique his work in the light of later studies and commentary? Michael Diboll's "Lawrence Durrell's Alexandria Quartet in its Egyptian Contexts" and, more especially (by a former student of Said),Mustafa  Marrouchi's "Edward Said at the Limits" (2004) and "Signifying with a Vengeance: Theories, Literatures, Storytellers"" (2002).
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