[ilds] Rick Stein plugs Paddy Leigh Fermor and Gerald Durrell

Denise Tart & David Green dtart at bigpond.net.au
Mon Oct 26 03:24:18 PDT 2015

English cook and TV presenter Rick Stein has a new travel/food odyssey which takes him from Venice to Istanbul. In yesterday's program on Greece, he called at PLFs house which looks lovely. He showed us Fermors library and that Paddy was the kind of Englishman the Greeks love, along with Byron and Gerald Durrell - gregarious, fond of wine and song etc. found it odd he mentioned Gerald and not Lawrence. For many, Gerald is better known, but Larry is guy who really lived in, loved and wrote about Greece. Anyway good to see the guys getting a plug on international television. Paddy's home looks well worth a visit. His cook makes a mean moussaka.


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