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Meta, several times I suggested that the ILDS should hold its conference in Belgrade, rather than in places which had no connection with LD, but needless to say that suggestion fell on ears that were well prepared to be deaf.
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I'm afraid this neglect/disdain/ignorance or whatever you call it isvery much limited to Slovenia, rather than to other Slavic countries.Durrell is certainly the least translated author into Slovenian language. InSlovenia only AQ was published in the 1960s (with one reprint around 2000),while there are translations of White Eagles, Antrobus and even AvignonQuintet in Serbocroatian. It's a strangely paradoxical situation becauseDurrell hated all about Yugoslavia while serving in Belgrade as a diplomatand only liked a place in Slovenia called Bled (it reminded him of theHimalayas). There is indeed a general aversion towards Durrell amongst theSlovenian literary scholars and the reasons for it are manifold, well wortha special examination. I discussed them in an article which remainsunfinished due to other obligations, but I plan to present it at the 2016ILDS conference on Crete if it will be accepted. I am sorry Laura didn't present a summary of her thesis on the list, I wouldbe most interested.All best Meta Cerar From: ILDS [mailto:ilds-bounces at lists.uvic.ca] On Behalf Ofmail at durrelllibrarycorfu.orgSent: Saturday, July 25, 2015 9:29 AMTo: ilds at lists.uvic.caSubject: Re: [ilds] ILDS Digest, Vol 99, Issue 11 Seeing Meta Cerar's message about the neglect of Lawrence Durrell inSlovenia recalls my previous correspondence with her, from the time when shewas translating "Dark Labyrinth". Her account of how she was told quiteunequivocally that there was no interest in LD seems to extend to GD also(Meta has also translated MFOA). Meta wants to translate more Durrell (bothkinds) but there is, apparently, no market. Is the neglect of/disdainfor/ignorance of LD and GD in the Slavic countries a general phenomenon oris it limited to Slovenia?RP-----Original Message-----From: ilds-request at lists.uvic.ca [mailto:ilds-request at lists.uvic.ca]Sent: Friday, July 24, 2015 03:00 PMTo: ilds at lists.uvic.caSubject: ILDS Digest, Vol 99, Issue 11Send ILDS mailing list submissions to ilds at lists.uvic.ca To subscribe orunsubscribe via the World Wide Web, visithttps://lists.uvic.ca/mailman/listinfo/ilds or, via email, send a messagewith subject or body 'help' to ilds-request at lists.uvic.ca You can reach theperson managing the list at ilds-owner at lists.uvic.ca When replying, pleaseedit your Subject line so it is more specific than "Re: Contents of ILDSdigest..." Today's Topics: 1. dark labyrinth (Meta Cerar)----------------------------------------------------------------------Message: 1 Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2015 08:12:46 +0200 From: "Meta Cerar" To: Cc:ilds at lists.uvic.ca Subject: [ilds] dark labyrinth Message-ID:<749AA77AE5A8412194A1D4A029BD366C at userTHINK> Content-Type: text/plain;charset="utf-8" Hello, Laura, It was an incredibly pleasant surprise for meto have read on the ILDS list that you graduated with a thesis on the DarkLabyrinth. I graduated with a thesis on Alexandria Quartet years ago. A fewyears ago I translated the Dark Labyrinth into Slovenian language and at thetime I was translating it there indeed was a wide discussion on the book onthe ILDS list. I wonder if your thesis has an abstract in English, and ifso, could you possibly send it to me? I would love to read it. If not Iwould be very happy if you could point out a few accents from your thesis.I'm so glad to hear there still are people who enjoy and appreciateDurrell's literature. In Slovenia he is not at all popular unfortunately. Ido hope you will atttend next year's Durrell conference on Crete. Icertainly plan to be there and am looking forward to meeting you. 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