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Meta Cerar meta.cerar at guest.arnes.si
Thu Jul 23 23:12:46 PDT 2015

Hello, Laura,


It was an incredibly pleasant surprise for me to have read on the ILDS list
that you graduated with a thesis on the Dark Labyrinth. I graduated with a
thesis on Alexandria Quartet years ago. A few years ago I translated the
Dark Labyrinth into Slovenian language and at the time I was translating it
there indeed was a wide discussion on the book on the ILDS list. I wonder if
your thesis has an abstract in English, and if so, could you possibly send
it to me? I would love to read it. If not I would be very happy if you could
point out a few accents from your thesis. I'm so glad to hear there still
are people who enjoy and appreciate Durrell's literature. In Slovenia he is
not at all popular unfortunately.

I do hope you will atttend next year's Durrell conference on Crete. I
certainly plan to be there and am looking forward to meeting you.


All best

Marjeta Cerar


Ljubljana, Slovenia

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