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Sligh, Charles Charles-Sligh at utc.edu
Fri Jul 10 09:01:51 PDT 2015

Dear Paul:

Thank you for this note, and welcome.

I think that your query will not be hopeless.  We have a number of
list-members who have extensive collections, and I think that one or more
should answer you with a solution.

I know that Richard Pine has a quite extensive collection at the Durrell
Library on Corfu.  In addition, James Gifford has gathered together
abundant digital resources.  One of those gentlemen should be able to help.

I am delighted to see that you are a Stephanidophile and a biologist.
(The wonders of Gerry Durrell's legacy.)  Please keep in mind that the
International Lawrence Durrell Society will be hosting a 2016 conference
on Crete.

Threading the Labyrinth: Durrell, Greece, and World War II
On Miracle Ground XIX
Rethymnon, Crete | 26-30 June 2016


@DurrellSociety -- https://twitter.com/DurrellSociety

Given his wartime service and post-war book, Crete seems an apt connection
with your Stephanides interest, and we would welcome Stephanides-related

Again, thanks for writing with your question -- I look forward to hearing
more about your work.


Charles L. Sligh
Assistant Professor
Department of English
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
charles-sligh at utc.edu

On 7/10/15 9:49 AM, "Paul Hopwood" <paulhopwood at mac.com> wrote:

>I know this may be a hopeless (and inappropriate?!) long shot - but, does
>anyone here have access to a copy of Stephanides, T. (1948) A survey of
>the freshwater biology of Corfu and certain other regions of Greece.
>Praktika Helenica 2: 1–263.
>Alas, even with access to university resources, my searches so far have
>been unsuccessful. Recent Stephanides citations seem to be indirect
>references mostly using his authority as support for historical
>distribution patterns of various freshwater organisms.
>My next step is to try an interlibrary loan request but I can't
>legitimately claim it is for my own research––I'm just a Stephanidophile.
>I know Stephanides was a close friend of Lawrence Durrell (although more
>prominent in Gerald's books) so maybe a Durrell archivist would have come
>across copies of Stephanides' scientific output?
>Thank you,
>Paul Hopwood
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