[ilds] Stephanides research

Paul Hopwood paulhopwood at mac.com
Fri Jul 10 06:49:17 PDT 2015

I know this may be a hopeless (and inappropriate?!) long shot - but, does anyone here have access to a copy of Stephanides, T. (1948) A survey of the freshwater biology of Corfu and certain other regions of Greece. Praktika Helenica 2: 1–263.

Alas, even with access to university resources, my searches so far have been unsuccessful. Recent Stephanides citations seem to be indirect references mostly using his authority as support for historical distribution patterns of various freshwater organisms.

My next step is to try an interlibrary loan request but I can't legitimately claim it is for my own research––I'm just a Stephanidophile. I know Stephanides was a close friend of Lawrence Durrell (although more prominent in Gerald's books) so maybe a Durrell archivist would have come across copies of Stephanides' scientific output?

Thank you,
Paul Hopwood


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