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The revisions James is referring to are probably in the archives at Carbondale, Illinois.  So they're not easily accessible.

Beyond the fact that the Renaissance is the greatest period of English literature, I'd like to know if Durrell had a theory about its greatness.  And by theory I mean something beyond statements about its rawness of life.  We can look at his own work and infer this attitude.  Poetry and horror probably have roles.  Hence his revival of plays in verse.  Too bad Bill Godshalk didn't complete his comparison of Middleton's Black Book and Durrell's.


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> On Jun 22, 2015, at 3:29 PM, Marc Piel <marc at marcpiel.fr> wrote:
> Hi James and Bruce, As a graphic Designer in my early days (in England and France) I learned all ways to make typographic corrections, whether first proof or later corrections.... Maybe I can help decipher LD's marks. I feel certain that he knew them as well. Can you send me some images?
> Best regards,
> Marc
> Le 22/06/15 23:24, James Gifford a écrit :
>> Hi Bruce, 
>> Alas, what I've seen of the Revolt revisions included things such as "fix this" and then a series of markings...  Some of it's quite unclear, but the extent of the revisions to the Quartet is a good indicator. 
>> As for the Elizabethans, I believe virtually all of that material is in Carbondale.  From my editing work, I can say his allusions and references to his "Elizas" was extensive.  A read through "Prospero's Isle: To Caliban" (1939, originally published in Shanghai) gives an immediate sense of how capacious his readings were, including a number of scholarly works -- /Panic Spring/ was also particularly rich in references to a range of Elizabethan dramatists. 
>> Best, 
>> James 
>>> On 2015-06-22 11:47 AM, Bruce Redwine wrote: 
>>> That Durrell thought of revising /The Revolt of Aphrodite /is 
>>> interesting.  I wonder what would have come of it — another equivalent 
>>> to James’s New York Edition?  I wish he’d completed that essay or book 
>>> on the Elizabethans.  He probably had a notebook on the subject.  If so, 
>>> where is it? 
>>> Bruce 
>>>> On Jun 22, 2015, at 1:02 AM, James Gifford <james.d.gifford at gmail.com 
>>>> <mailto:james.d.gifford at gmail.com>> wrote: 
>>>> I ought to have added, SIU Carbondale produced a very helpful 
>>>> bibliography of Durrell's library when they acquired his papers, as 
>>>> did Paris Ouest (available online).  Quite a bit of work, really. 
>>>>  Those are not exhaustive since so many of LD's books pop up in other 
>>>> archives around the world (and were lost in WWII), and there's more 
>>>> through Alan G. Thomas in the British Library and LD's book requests 
>>>> through publishers.  Nonetheless, those two (Carbondale & Paris) give 
>>>> a pretty good sense of what was on his shelves post-WWII. 
>>>> I'm reminded of the Library of Leonard & Virginia Woolf held by 
>>>> Washington State nearby, which is a beautiful drive from here.  It 
>>>> would be hoped that some day a comparable compilation of Durrell's 
>>>> library could be centralized somewhere.  It makes me think of finding 
>>>> copies of Tunc & Nunquam with Durrell's intended revisions marked out 
>>>> in the margins but at a library with no Durrell collection...  Such 
>>>> things are too often tucked inside another author's papers,           and who 
>>>> knows how many of them are spread out across the globe.  Needless to 
>>>> say, LD never had the chance to revise the Revolt as he did the 
>>>> Quartet, so none of those revisions were ever realized, which is 
>>>> probably why he gifted the books away.  What would he have done with 
>>>> the Quintet if he'd compiled it himself (the omnibus was put together 
>>>> in 1992, I think)? 
>>>> All best, 
>>>> James 
>>>>> On 2015-06-21 7:31 PM, Sumantra Nag wrote: 
>>>>> Thanks James, for this valuable information about Durrell's familiarity 
>>>>> with Sacheverell Sitwell's writing. 
>>>>> Sumantra
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