[ilds] ILDS Digest, Vol. 97, Issue 24_The ILDS conference, June 2016, Rethymnon, Crete

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Wonderful online copy of the Herald. I still have to go through it in full. 


Bruce, your comment on Rethymnon interested me. Sujata and I spent a week in
Crete in June 2007, staying in Hersonissos, 23 km above Heraklion and our
son joined us there from Bangalore en route to Paris. We couldn't make a
trip to Rethymnon because we would have lost at least two days in Crete
making the journey. We did however manage a well organized day trip by
catamaran to Santorini. But  Rethymnon always interested us and when we want
to visit a place we missed, we always hope we shall make another trip! Only,
if we were to ever go back to Greece there are many other islands to visit.
The ILDS conference in Crete seems an exciting prospect.


The archaeological museum at Heraklion was shut when we were there.





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Hello all,


ILDS members have likely already received email notification, but the latest
issue of the Herald is now launched and online:




Tremendous thanks to Pamela Francis for her fine efforts and endless


The issue also commemorates our friend and colleague Bill Godshalk with
lovely contributions by Charles Sligh and Ian S. MacNiven.


All best,






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Thanks, James.  Perhaps someone can comment on why Rethymnon, Crete was
chosen as the site of the meetings, instead of Heraklion, the capital, where
most of the extramural activities are located.  For all its attractiveness,
Rethymnon seems out of the way and not easily accessible.




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