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perhaps, in fact, Durrell cared more for Melissa and Clea than for Justine. If poetry is the higher form, Justine only makes prose.
maybe the poems on Justine have been lost. What is your theory?
By the way, I enjoy Durrell's poetry, much of it, especially his visceral responses to landscape/place. I get a bit lost in all the classical allusion stuff.
Durrell likes to see people organically attached to both landscape and history, the rind of the ear goes much further than Melissa's brain. the small forevers go back in time
to ancient times and the sea edge where Anthony and Cleopatra walked.

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'How many several small forevers
Whispered in the rind of the ear
Melissa, by this Mediterranean sea-edge, 
Captured and told? 
How many additions to the total silence?'

I know the ILDS discussion forum is not prone to discussing Durrell's poetry in terms of detailed context. 

But lines such as these from his poetry surely have an organic link with the Alexandria Quartet, and attempts to address these lines might be rewarding in its own way. 

Durrell has mentioned Melissa more than once in his poems and Clea at least once,  but never Justine. 


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  "The heart must be very old to feel so young."

  Do you think Lawrence Durrell has got something here? 


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