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William Apt makes a good point about current preferences.  Henry Miller says similar things.  Years ago I read someone who speculated that the best minds of the 20th century were going into the sciences, particularly physics and mathematics, hence the breakthroughs in relativity theory and quantum mechanics.  Philosophy is another such area which attracts the “best minds” (Ginsberg’s term in “Howl”), and the current debate in the philosophy of the mind has deep discussions on the nature of consciousness itself.  T. S. Eliot started off by studying philosophy at Harvard; Thomas Pynchon began by studying engineering physics at Cornell.  Although both ended up in literature, their original impulse was philosophical and scientific.  Nowadays, as William points out, materialism in the crudest sense seems to have taken over as the main impetus for personal development.  It seems unlikely that the great literature of the High and Low Moderns will repeat itself in some other form.


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> It certainly seems as though the revolution in the ideas that is supposed to shape our culture has moved from the literary and artistic to the scientific and technological. The romantic place in the public imagination that the Lost Generation, the Miller/Durrell/Nin personages, the Beats and post-Beats (like Anne Waldman and Patti Smith) once occupied has given way to any number of physically fit and attractive, cleared eyed, young technocrats with admittedly bright, innovative ideas that serve no purpose other than the  practical. It's as though we seek salvation not through introspection, but in things. 
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>> David, I agree.  You sum up my feelings exactly.  Skoal to the stanchless flux!
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>>> Writers used to be big news in the pre and early television age. My dad remembers people like Brendan Behan and Dylan Thomas making head lines and Hemmingway too. That's not the case now. I mainly hear about writers and books on the Public Radio i.e. the ABC or in Arts sections of SOME weekend papers such as the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age or the Australian. Otherwise it is all about politicians, terrorists, the rich and fatuous (very few writers) sport and business. Corporatisation and the destruction of people into market segments is insidious and pervasive and education is no different. I see little attention to critical thinking, but a lot on producing a certain 'type' of person. watch out for Global Standard Person. Durrell and Miller would turn in their respective graves. Maybe the writers need to be more outrageous like Houllebecq or go on Barnstorming benders like Behan and Thomas. When I writers interviewed these days, they all sound so nice and tame and modes!
> t!
>> and look way too fit. Where  are the chain smoking booze artists with vast egos and libidos. where is Anais Nin?
>>> maybe they are out there, hiding their light under a bushel. Perhaps medical science can bring Ernest back to life?
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>>>> I'm pessimistic about the future of literature.  I agree with David Green. We live in an age without great writers and without an appreciation of greatness.  The culture has radically changed.  Corporate culture has taken over, and that includes both the publishing industry and the academic production of MFAs.  It's all about the "bottom line" and standardization.
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